Liberated matter

Oslobođena materija

Aleksandar Gligorijević
strives to find a comprehensive expression of the essential characteristics of his unique artistic method: his practice combines the composition of elements, applied scientific and technological knowledge and industrial design in the form of pure sculpture. This seemingly simple definition is something that has been seriously tackling for almost two decades.

Dr Jovana Stokić
PHD. from the Institute of Fine Arts,New York University





My concept has been the same from the beginning. I chose modern sculpting which tends to be abstract. I make my sculptures from industrial machine parts using the assemblage technique. I compose them from finished parts without any physical intervention. As such, these parts remain in their original form once incorporated into my sculptures.

While working on my sculptures, I cultivate (practice) the element of surprise.I don’t begin with a predefined idea of what the sculpture will look like, rather, I build and articulate based on laws of clean aesthetics which assumes the application of fine art skills through rhythm, harmony, proportion, positive and negative space, personal sensibility etc…

A sculpture created in such a manner becomes titled based on mental associations. In some way, I always surprise myself with the final outcome.